What Is Planet?

"Decentralize The Planet's Finances"

Planet is a decentralized financial protocol consisting of different planets, each their own application, designed to enable anyone to freely activate their capital. Planet enables access to open, decentralized financial services.

The Planet community is on the endless hunt for the best DeFi opportunities in the space. Planet either aggregates the best opportunity or creates it.


  • AQUA is a uniquely scarce cryptocurrency, designed to capture value & govern the planets.

  • GAMMA is a utility token that will power Planet Finance for eternity.

The Planets

  • Blue Planet is your decentralized base, designed as an autonomous jump point to decentralized financial services.

  • Green Planet the first decentralized lending protocol with discount levels. Powered by GAMMA.

  • Pink Planet is a unique marketplace giving artists the space to create, buy & sell digital assets.

Core Features

  • Vaults: One-click deposit & instantly earn yield on your crypto

  • Pools: Provide liquidity to earn trade fees and GAMMA

  • Swap: Instantly swap cryptos using trustless liquidity pools

  • Lending: The first decentralized money market with discount levels

Fair Distribution, Tokenomics & What Makes Planet Unique

  • Planet is a yield-discovery protocol enabling anyone to create value for themselves using their crypto assets.

  • AQUA is a uniquely scarce, deflationary governance token with an absolute max supply of 100,000.

  • There was no "team token" allocation for AQUA.

  • AQUA was fairly distributed over 200 days to vault stakers and liquidity providers by their participation.

  • AQUA will continue to be bought & burned by the protocol forever, with on-chain, verifiable public records.

  • AQUA holders control the direction of Planet, and own the Treasury.

  • GAMMA was airdropped to AQUA holders based on a verifiably-random snapshot, powered by Chainlink.

  • GAMMA is the incentive token earned for all economics activity on Planet. To see the full tokenomics overview go here.

  • GAMMA can be used to unlock discount levels & earn more GAMMA across the planets.

Welcome to Planet Finance.

Find us on Telegram or Twitter and join us on our journey!

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