Unlock GAMMA's utility by staking in the Infinity Vault

What is GAMMA's utility?

  • Earn more when lending assets

  • Pay less when borrowing assets

  • Earn more providing liquidity

What is Boost APY?

Boost APY is a new utility for GAMMA that can be unlocked by staking GAMMA in the Infinity Vault.

All pools and lending markets now have a new variable called Boost Percentage. This determines what % of the GAMMA allocated to this pool or market can be earned by depositors with no GAMMA vs. depositors with different amounts of GAMMA staked.

Simply put, stake more GAMMA to earn more, faster.


Let’s say that the BNB-BUSD market is incentivized with 1,000 GAMMA/day (from the farm) and the Boost Percentage is set at 50%.

This means that 500 GAMMA is up for grabs based on your % of the total assets in the pool. This also means that the other 500 GAMMA is now up for grabs depending on your LP balance + your GAMMA staked in the infinity vault.

Boost APY Formula

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