“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.”


Token Name: GAMMA

MAX Supply: 100,000,000 GAMMA

Daily Distribution: 100,000 GAMMA

Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb3cb6d2f8f2fde203a022201c81a96c167607f15

Once 100 Million GAMMA has been completely distributed, there will be no new GAMMA created. As the protocol earns & buys GAMMA it flows to the GAMMA reserve that will then be distributed to users of the protocol to continue to incentivize usage across all planets. This will ensure the longevity of Planet Finance. A full green paper will be released soon.

GAMMA Token Utility

GAMMA is the highest form of energy in the universe & therefore it’s only right that it has infinitely expanding utility! Here’s the planned utility of GAMMA, this list will continue to grow as Planet Finance evolves.

  • 3 Levels — Increased Yields & Reduced Fees Taken By The Protocol When Staking GAMMA Relative To Your Collateral

  • Stake GAMMA To Earn More GAMMA (GAMMA Vault)

  • To Incentivize Liquidity Providers In The GAMMA/AQUA Liquidity Pool

  • Provides Incentive To Vaults & Liquidity Pools Across The Planets

  • Liquidity Incentives to Suppliers & Borrowers On Green Planet

  • Supply & Borrow GAMMA On Green Planet

  • Buy & Sell NFTs With GAMMA on Pink Planet

  • Incentive For Planet Finance Index Vaults

  • Gamification Of Planet Finance

How Does The GAMMA Discount Levels Work?

Levels — Earn More & Pay Less To Borrow

Staking GAMMA comes with a tremendous incentive to holders. Green Planet has 3 levels that allow you to both increase your yield by reducing your borrowing rate. The “stake ratio” refers to the USD value of your GAMMA staked as a percentage relative to the total amount of assets you’re supplying as collateral.

These stake ratio percentages refer to the USD value of your GAMMA staked as a percentage relative to the total USD value of assets you’re supplying as collateral.

  1. Level 1 — (1–5%) — 5% discount on lending & borrowing

  2. Level 2 — (5–10%) — 20% discount on lending & borrowing

  3. Level 3 — (>10%) — 50% discount on lending & borrowing

Read the full medium article about Green Planet & GAMMA here.

Reserve Fund

All protocol profits that aren’t used to buy or burn AQUA & GAMMA go into the reserve fund. The assets that flow into the reserve fund will be used to either supply liquidity, burn AQUA or buy GAMMA unless the community votes to change this. Adding liquidity to the protocol is critical as it ensures there’s a liquidity buffer to allow users to pull their funds out of the protocol. To date, this has been a critical issue in other lending protocols where suppliers have had issues being able to fully remove their liquidity in a timely manner.

The liquidity reserve combined with Planet's unique interest rate model will help mitigate this liquidity risk & minimize the time frame in which there’s any potential short term liquidity issues on Green Planet.

Some of the largest problems with DeFi protocols have been Flash Loan attacks and manipulatable pricing data. Both of these are preventable by using Chainlink’s pricing oracles. A pricing oracle pulls in the current price of an asset from multiple sources, this makes it increasingly difficult for a bad actor to temporarily manipulate the price of an asset. We’ve completely removed the ability to do Flash Loans within the Green Planet Protocol.

We’re excited to announce that we’re going to be working with Chainlink Labs to implement Chainlink’s pricing oracles on Green Planet. Much more details to come on this as we approach the launch of Green Planet & GAMMA.

GAMMA Allocation To The Foundation

100,000 GAMMA will be distributed each day, of that, 10,000 GAMMA will flow to the foundation. This GAMMA allocation will be used to fund ongoing development & innovation, legal costs, marketing expenses & more.

The mission is for GAMMA to be as fairly distributed as possible. The aim is to have the lowest “team allocation” in the DeFi space. As a reminder, ZERO AQUA was allocated to the foundation, all AQUA held by the foundation & contributors has been bought or earned.

Incentive To Share Green Planet

The community has asked for an affiliate aspect to help grow Green Planet. Details on this will be released in the future.

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