"Single-Asset Staking To Earn Interest On Your Crypto"

What are vaults?

Vaults are the simplest way for anyone to one-click deposit & instantly earn yield on their crypto assets. Yield is generated on deposited assets in the form of interest paid by borrowers, staking rewards and/or GAMMA rewards.

Vaults are your access point to escape the legacy system & participate in the brave new world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

What type of vaults are on Planet?

  1. Standard Vaults (Green Planet Markets):

  • All assets deposited are supplied directly to Green Planet. Once deposited, you will receive gTokens which are your interest-bearing receipts to be able to withdraw your deposited assets in the future.

  • Standard vaults allow you to earn multiple ways. You earn a "Supply APY" which is interest paid by borrowers (example: If you deposit BNB your deposited amount of BNB will grow as you earn interest paid by borrowers). You earn a "GAMMA APY" which is paid to you by the protocol for using it.

2. Boosted Vaults:

  • All assets are deposited into a strategy contract which deposits into other protocols to earn staking rewards for that particular token.

  • The staking rewards earned are converted into GAMMA and can be collected by clicking the claim boost button.

  • In addition to the staking rewards, depositors earn GAMMA from the protocol for using it.

  • This enables even more value to pass through the GAMMA token, further aligning the incentives of the protocol & the community.

3. Infinity Vaults:

  • Time-locked vaults designed to drastically reduce the floating supply of AQUA & GAMMA, while driving voting influence and protocol value towards long-term stakers.

  • Stake your gAQUA and gGAMMA to support the protocol & earn more GAMMA.

  • 50% of withdraw fees flow back to infinity stakers.

  • Doing a normal unstake costs 1% & takes 21 days to complete.

  • Instant unstaking comes with a 5% fee.

  • Learn more about infinity vaults here..

How do I claim my vault earnings?

GAMMA earned on all Standard Vaults can be collected by clicking the claim button at the top right of the page. This will claim all pending GAMMA earned on standard vaults.

Tutorial: How To Deposit In Vaults

  1. Click on the vault that you'd like to deposit into

  2. Click on Approve to approve the contract

  3. Enter an amount to deposit in the vault and click deposit

Tutorial: How To Withdraw From Vaults

  1. Click on the vault that you'd like to withdraw from

  2. Click on withdraw

  3. Enter an amount that you'd like to withdraw and click withdraw

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