Interplanetary Roadmap

Don't underestimate what can be accomplished in a light-year
  • Blue Planet - The best stablecoin yield aggregator in defi
  • Green Planet - Decentralized lending protocol with discount levels
  • Pink Planet - An NFT Marketplace powered by AQUA & GAMMA
  • Purple Planet - A revolutionary insurance protocol for your crypto
  • Swap - Trade tokens instantly on Planet Finance's swap.
  • Liquidity Pools - Add & remove liquidity in active liquidity pools.
  • Analytics - Insights into Planet Finance's DEX, liquidity & fees.
  • Lend & Borrow - Supply & borrow assets on the decentralized money market
  • Metrics - Command stations view of everything happening on Planet Finance
  • Limit Orders - Set buys & sells at specific prices to execute automatically
  • Affiliates - Incentivized gamification to expand the Planet Finance community
  • Native App - An easy to use mobile app creating access for anyone to start using the protocol
  • Expanding Governance - Improved tools to help the community govern Planet Finance
  • Stablecoin
  • Initial Governance - AQUA holders vote on new vaults, LP's & features.
  • Planet Finance NFT Collections - Initial sales will burn AQUA.
  • Utility NFTs - Holding NFTs enable "special abilities". Minted with AQUA.
  • Merch Store - Look good. Feel good. Yield good.
  • Governance - AQUA holders vote on new vaults, LP's & features.
  • Avalanche Subnet - Expand Planet to the Avalanche Blockchain using AQUA for gas fees