"A Uniquely Scarce Cryptocurrency"

AQUA sits at the center of Planet Finance & governs the planets.

With every second that passes, while people swap tokens, earn in vaults, lend, borrow, transform, buy/sell NFTs; value is captured by the protocol from fees charged to access these decentralized โ€œservicesโ€. These โ€œservicesโ€ will continue to expand, exponentially increasing the flow of value created that is captured by the protocol and driven through AQUA.

With every passing second, AQUA becomes more scarce.

AQUA Overview

Ticker: AQUA

Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/token/0x72B7D61E8fC8cF971960DD9cfA59B8C829D91991

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

MAX Supply: 100,000 $AQUA

Distribution & Tokenomics

AQUA has the fairest token distribution of any cryptocurrency. No team tokens, no pre-sale, no VC money. Your monetary energy placed in vaults & pools on Planet enabled anyone earn $AQUA. Early adoption has it's clear benefits ๐Ÿ˜‰

500 $AQUA was distributed daily, for 200 days.

Approximately 0.01736 AQUA was distributed per block (every 3 seconds).

AQUA has finished minting. There will be no more AQUA minted ever.

AQUA's Utility

  • Governance: Create & vote on proposals to shape the future of the Planets

  • Capture protocol value as a % of fees will buy & burn AQUA

  • Capture value generated by Planet's cross-chain expansion

  • Utilized on Pink Planet for NFTs & Planet Finance NFTs

  • Earn AQUA paid by borrowers of AQUA on Green Planet

  • Earn GAMMA by supplying it to Green Planet

Where To Get AQUA

The best place to swap AQUA is directly on Planet. The swap can be accessed from all planets and shares the same liquidity pools to facilitate swaps.

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