Why Stablecoins?

"Stability in an unstable world"

Bull Markets

In a bull market there's tremendous demand for stable coins. People want to secure their gains. Having funds in a stable coin gives you the ability to "buy the dip". Also, businesses need resource stability to be able to predictably plan for future capital allocations. Earning significant yield on your stable coins in a bull market allows you to compound your stable coins or dollar cost average into your favorite cryptos.

Bear Markets

In a bear market the demand for stable coins is even larger. Bear markets feel like the world is falling around you. When the price of everything is falling relative to dollars, stable coins are the best thing to be holding. Earning significant yield on stable coins in a falling market amplifies your gains.

All Markets

Every individual investor & institution in the world wants to be able to make returns in flat markets. Two fantastic ways to do that is through lending & liquidity providing. The Blue Planet on Planet Finance will be the best place to do that for stable coins. Earning consistent returns in flat markets allows for further risk diversification to protect yourself and also enables individuals & entities to plan ahead financially.

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