"Provide liquidity to power decentralized exchanges, earn trade fees & GAMMA"

What are liquidity pools?

Liquidity Pools (LP) are decentralized pools of two tokens that allow anyone to use them to swap one token for another. Planet charges 0.25% fees for all swaps. 0.13% of that is earned by liquidity providers & 0.12% goes to the protocol to burn AQUA & buy GAMMA.

Anyone can earn a share of trading fees by depositing a pair of tokens into the LP (this is known as "Adding liquidity").

What types of liquidity pools are on Planet?

  1. Planet LP's: These LP's live within Planet's AMM

  2. Boosted LP's (Aggregated): These are the best LP opportunities from other protocols aggregated for you. The reward tokens earned here are converted into GAMMA & paid to depositors. In addition to that, you'll earn trade fees and more GAMMA paid to you by the protocol.

What is "My Pools"?

Once you deposit any assets into pools, they will move up into the my pools column so you can easily track where you have active deposits.

Tutorial: How do I add liquidity to a pool?

  1. Go to the Pools page

  2. Click on the pool that you want to deposit into

  3. Click the purple Transform button

4. Select the token and amount that you want to use to get LP tokens

5. Approve the contract, and then after confirmation click Create LP

6. Once you get your LP tokens, you can just deposit them into the pool to start earning.

Tutorial: How do I remove liquidity from a pool?

  1. Click on the pool that you have funds deposited in

  2. Click on withdraw

  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and then click withdraw

4. After it confirms click deposit and then click the purple transform button

5. Then click on Convert LP

6. Enter the amount of LP tokens you want to convert & select the token you want to receive

7. Once you click Convert and your transaction confirms you should have tokens in your wallet

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