👛Wallets & Risk Mitigation

Rule #1, don't lose money. Rule #2, don't forget Rule #1.

Web Wallets

MetaMask (recommended)- The original browser extension wallet

Binance Chain Wallet - The official browser extension wallet for Binance Smart Chain

Mobile Wallets

SafePal (recommended) - An all in one mobile wallet with access to decentralized app

Trust Wallet - A simple & secure mobile wallet that supports BTC, ETH, BSC & more

Best Practices

  • Never give your private keys to anyone, ever.

  • Store your private keys/seed phrase off line and ideally in a safe

  • Always log out of your browser extension wallet after using it

  • Never log in to your account or type in your private key on open public wifi like cafe's or airports

  • Understand the difference between blockchains. BTC (Segwit). ETH (ERC20). BSC (BEP20). Sending crypto to an address on the WRONG chain will make you LOSE YOUR FUNDS.


Planet Finance is in the process of creating the Purple Planet which is a free market insurance protocol. Insurance will enable you to pay a premium to be insured against various risks. More details to come on free market insurance on Planet.

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