🗳️ Voting & Building The Future

"Token holders shape the future of Planet Finance"

Governance is actively happening here: https://vote.planet.finance

The Planet Finance community is responsible for shaping the long term direction of the project. Our initial starmap is robust with some amazing things on it but we need the entire communities as we grow & expand.

You'll be able to submit proposals and vote on things like:

  • Adding new vaults & liquidity pools

  • Adding new pages & features

  • Brand updates

  • UI/UX improvements

  • Fee adjustments

Before submitting a proposal & to get maximum exposure, we recommend presenting your idea to the Planet Finance community on Twitter & in our Telegram community here: https://t.me/planet_finance

What does a proposal need to qualify?

  • To create a new proposal you must hold a minimum of 1 AQUA

  • For a vote to be considered valid it needs at least 10% of the circulating supply of AQUA to vote in the proposal

  • For a vote to be considered valid it needs to have at least 69% of the votes for it.

  • All proposals must be active for a minimum of 7 days.

All 4 of these must be met or a proposal will be considered invalid.

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